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About Banyan Home Care Services


Wherever you are on your journey, we are at your side

Every person on this planet is a little bit of uniqueness mixed with a little bit of magic. At Banyan Home Care Services we recognise this, therefore tailoring all of our services to meet your individual needs is our priority. At Banyan Home Care Services we deliver a variety of innovative person centred support solutions, whilst specialising in Young Onset Dementia.

These care/support packages are individualised and bespoke to each client’s interests, needs, hobbies and individuality. Using a person-centred approach we support people to continue living independently, to engage in hobbies old and new, to learn new and maintain current skills, whilst promoting choice, independence and through empowering each and  every person we work with.

So, whether you need a bit of support to continue your regular activities of daily living, or you need a sidekick to help you re engage in the hobbies you used to do, we can put together a care/support plan that will help you to continue living well.

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Our Mission

Improving the life experiences of all those around us

Our Vision

  • • We ensure every individual feels valued, kindness to all is a priority.

  • • We are honest and trustworthy, reliable and respectful to all. 

  • • We will work in partnership with our clients, families, colleagues and other organisations to ensure that everyone we work with is supported to the highest standard.

  • • We commit to all those around us that we will treat everyone we meet with compassion, dignity and respect

  • • We strive to empower those around us, as well as ourselves

  • • We work openly and transparently, we are accountable for our own actions